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West Lake Villa – a Subdivision in Roxas, Capiz


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Lot Area: between 80 sq m and 500 sq m
Lot Price: between Php 6,500 and Php 11,000/sq m
Reservation: Php 10,000

West Lake Villa is a purely residential community with a pleasing blend of the natural creek and a quiet neighborhood. It is one of the most famous subdivisions in Roxas City today.

From any point, this 30-hectare village is just a few minutes away from any prime landmark in Roxas City. West Lake Villa can offer a higher standard of living to any family who wants to settle down in Roxas, Capiz.

Not only that, but this subdivision builds brand new houses faster than any other subdivision in Roxas City. So if you are looking for a readily available home where you can move in right away, West Lake Villa is one of your best options.

West Lake Villa

The realty company owner of West Lake Villa is also successfully developing at least six more projects around Capiz. The developer of this subdivision is a Civil Engineer who has a solid track record of over 30 years of experience building private and government projects.

Houses you can build in West Lake Villa Roxas City

Below are well-designed and spacious houses you can build in West Lake Villa (click image to view house details):

West Lake Villa - a Subdivision in Roxas, Capiz 1

House name: Olive

Description: This 158 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it in a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate one large SUV, crossover, van, or pickup. See the Olive design »

West Lake Villa - a Subdivision in Roxas, Capiz 2

House name: Emerson

Description: This 160 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it in a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate 2 large SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickups. See the Emerson design »

See all our home designs »

You can enjoy your day without going out of this village to look for a great place to relax because it has a community clubhouse with facilities that can serve on various special occasions. This clubhouse is a favorite spot for residents who want to celebrate birthdays, reunions, wedding receptions, business meetings, and so on.

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Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional, having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz, very well.

32 thoughts on “West Lake Villa – a Subdivision in Roxas, Capiz”

  1. Good morning. My wife and I recently purchased a house in Westlake villas. I am enquiring as to how close we are to the beaches and shopping

    thank you

    • Hello David. You’re just a kilometer away from the nearest beach in Dayao, where you’ll find a famous resort named Capiz Bay. The next nearest beach is Baybay beach, around 9 kilometers from your village. The nearest shopping mall is Gaisano City Roxas in boulevard, just a kilometer away. Robinsons mall is just around 2 kilometers away.

  2. Thank you for your recent reply – I hope you don’t mind further questions. would it be possible to forward room sizes and also are there any monthly maintenance fees..? also, we will be retiring here are there many ex-pats etc. and seniors clubs

    Thank you again

    • Yes, we can give you room sizes of any model house in West Lake Villa, but first, may I ask which house you recently purchased? Were you served by a real estate agent when you purchased your property or were you a walk-in client? West Lake has a monthly homeowner’s fee, which is very minimal. We see few ex-pats in this village but probably second in number to ex-pats living near Baybay beach.

  3. Is there any available house and lot, corner, for prince house model? How many sq. meters for the lot? Can you send computation for both the 82 and 92 sq. meter floor plan as well? Thank you.

    • Hello Juvy. Yes, there are vacant corner lots for Prince house. Are you available for a site visit? We want to show you an existing Prince house. Then, we’ll give you full information about acquiring this property.

  4. Good Day!

    Can you please send me the detailed price schedule of the Prince and Samantha models? Thank you in advance!

  5. Good evening,
    My wife and I are planning on purchasing a lot in Roxas City. Does West Lake Villa offer a lot only? We are not close to retirement age and don’t want to build a house until we are close to our retirement age. So to make a long story short, we are just inquiring about lots of purchases. We were in Roxas the first week of this month and absolutely loved the ambiance there. I’m not from Capiz, but my wife is originally from there. If lots are available in this village can you please provide us with details to include the location of this village? We only stayed at Hotel Veronica in Lawa-an during our stay, and that place looks amazing. Thank you.

    • Hi Kenneth. Yes, we can send a sample computation for Samantha. But first, may we ask: Are you (or any family member) available for a site visit? We want to show you our existing Samantha units.

      • Hi, Admin. are there any vacant Lots in Westlake? I Like Prince Model? Please send me the computation in my Email… Thank You? The year 2020 am going to avail?

      • Hi Abby. Yes, there are still vacant lots in West Lake Villa, and you can build Prince’s house in your most suitable location. If you availed in 2020, the quotation we’ll send you now would certainly change. Please feel free to contact us again when you’re ready to acquire property so we can give you updated information.

    • Hello Hermalyn. Thank you for the inquiry. The down payment is 12% of the total cost. Your monthly payment will depend on the size of the property you want. Are you just here in Roxas City? We want to invite you for a site visit at your convenient time. Please feel free to call us.

  6. Hi Admin, Good Day! Can you please send the details of Samantha and Prince? My family is planning to buy property in Roxas City. Thank you!

    • Hi Norma. Are you just here in Roxas City? We want to invite you (or any family member) for a site visit to the village where Samantha & Prince houses are available. Then we’ll give you complete computation details and everything you need to know in acquiring this property.

  7. Hello, are there any available Prince/ Samantha houses right now? Can you please send me the details? Thank you!

  8. Hello. My boyfriend and I will be living here in Roxas for 6 months. We are looking for a nice apartment to rent, equipped with a kitchen and air conditioning, wifi, or the possibility of installing it. Do you know of any apartments? Or a way to find nice apartments? Thank you so much.

  9. How many are Samantha model (3)bedrooms if you’ll construct in an acquired lot of 80sq.m?

    Please send me details of the construction cost now.

    I will be waiting.


    • Hi Christine. We have already replied through email regarding your inquiry about the property for sale in Roxas City.

  10. Hi Jenny! We are interested in model house OLIVE; kindly email us the price details and different payment options. If you have the latest model houses, please send us some pictures, prices, and payment options. Thanks.

  11. Are there any Midori houses available in Westlake Villas? If so, can we get a price and details on financing? We already have 1 house in the complex.

    Thank you

    • Hi David. Thank you for the inquiry. As of the moment, we don’t have a Midori house that is ready for immediate occupancy. But we can build a brand new Midori house for you in just 4 months. We will send you today the price and details on financing through email.

    • Hi Raffy. We don’t have the price of houses in West Lake because we have our own house designs. Would you like us to send you the map of available lots instead?

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