Find your most suitable place in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

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How we can help

We know that acquiring a property in Roxas City takes a lot of searching and researching. But we are from Roxas Ctiy and we know this place like the back of our hands. We can help you with lot purchase and house construction.

We believe in quality service and we work extra hard to make your property purchase in Roxas City a delightful one even if you do it abroad. We have licensed professionals on our side, and excellent workers with over 15 years of experience.

House & Lot Purchase

We will help you find your best location to settle down in Roxas City. And if you let us build your home, you’ll have peace of mind because of the quality of work we provide.

Real Estate Broker

We have a dedicated PRC-licensed Real Estate Broker on our side who will assist you until you are able to acquire your property in Roxas City, Capiz.

Other Services

We can also assist you on other real property needslike house design, process building permit, process bank financing, and transfer of lot title.