Puente Acuna Village – a Subdivision in the City Proper


Settle down in Puente Acuna Village and be nearest to the center of Roxas City where everything is accessible and convenient to you

Lot area: between 80 sq m and 386 sq m
Lot price: between Php 8,000 and Php 11,500/sq m
Reservation fee: Php 8,000

Living at the center of Roxas City has many advantages in terms of accessibility and convenience because you’ll be nearest to the shopping malls and business establishments, banks, schools and universities, and medical institutions.

One village that can give you all those good stuff is Puente Acuna Village. This 2.9-hectare subdivision sits in a place where you can enjoy nature, have an ideal residence in the city proper because it’s silent, and grow your business where you’ll be nearest to the major landmarks in Roxas City.

Puente Acuna Village is nearest to at least 4 shopping malls, 10 banks, 3 medical institutions, and 10 schools and universities. This village is also near the main river of Roxas, where the city lights are most spectacular during the holiday season. Small boats pass by this river to deliver fresh seafood to the market. At Puente Acuna, you can buy lots not just for residential use but also for commercial use (subject to the approval of the homeowner’s association).

Puente Acuna Village

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Houses You Can Build in Puente Acuna Village

Below are well-designed and spacious houses you can build in Puente Acuna Village (click image to view house details):

House name: Olive

Description: This 158 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it on a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate one large SUV, crossover, van, or pickup. See floor plan »

House name: Emerson

Description: This 160 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it on a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate 2 large SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickups. See floor plan »

House name: Jade

Description: This 92 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 90 sq m lot area, but you can also build it on a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for growing families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate one large SUV, crossover, van, or pickup. See floor plan »

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Puente Acuna is near the center of the city. It’s just a walking distance away from:

  • Provincial Capitol
  • City Hall
  • Roxas Civic Center
  • Lipunan and Burgos wet markets
  • Roxas City plaza
  • Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion school.

Other major landmarks near this village are:

  • Roxas Memorial Hospital
  • Gaisano Grand Roxas

Puente Acuna subdivision includes:

  • a concrete bridge connecting to Rizal street to give more accessibility
  • concrete standard roads and drainage
  • park and playground exclusive for its residents

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Client Testimonials

Lawrence & Julie SalesHighly recommended

We've known Ma'am Faith since 2016 during purchasing of our lot. She assisted us on whatever problems we've encountered before. Also during the construction of our dream house, she was there to facilitate the paperwork as well as during completion of our house. Now we are happy because we are living on our dream house thru the effort of Ma'am Faith. Thank you!

Craig MullanFully Recommended

Incredibly happy with our choice of real estate broker.

ALWAYS very prompt with replies.
ALWAYS answers every question in detail.
ALWAYS very professional.

Quite possibly the best customer service that I have seen from a broker in the Philippines.

Fully recommended.

Ana Marie JoreThe Right Person to Trust

Hi Ms. Jen

I am so thankful to have you as my broker. Thank you for helping me and my family to find the perfect home to live a very convenient place to start our life. Thank you for helping us since 2017 up to now 2020, You’ve been so understanding, patient, and helpful. You never leave us alone to reach our goal. You are the perfect person to trust with.

We will be referring you to all our friends, family, and to others who need someone like you - a helping hand, easy to reach out in every matter, and very smart to address any concern regarding buying a property. You're always there to help.

Thank you once again and may God bless you.

David A.Professional and Efficient

Very informative blog, professional, and efficient! Thank you!

Ivy L.Proficient and Knowledgeable

I will definitely keep your information. You’re very proficient and knowledgeable in what you do. Keep up the good work.

Gretel ClancyAlways There When Needed

Hi Jen (Faith), just wanted to thank you once again for your assistance and being always reachable every time me and my husband come to Roxas City. A never-ending thanks to you and ADC staff for always so accommodating with our requests - property documentations, etc. - from the beginning to end of purchase.

Timothy CollinsPrompt and Efficient

Maria & I were looking for a house in Roxas City & through thorough investigation first, decided to use Jenny Faith Anota. From day one our dealings with her have been pleasant, prompt & efficient. Jenny has gone above & beyond her duties to assist us whenever we have asked. On a recent visit to Roxas city we had the pleasure of meeting up with Jenny. Her hospitality was so generous we were overwhelmed. She had no hesitation in answering all of our questions & she showed us around the lots as well. I can't recommend Jenny high enough.

Sigbjoern & Gladys HoffPerfect Home

Thank you so much Jen, for all your help about our lot and building of our house, and continuing support of everything from buying furniture to flowers and plants. Without the help from you I am sure we could not have got such a beautiful house, in the perfect place for us to live. And you sure have saved us from a lot of work and a lot of money. I will say to anyone planning to buy a lot or building or buying a house in Capiz: You should never try to do this without contacting Jen, she will help you through all planning, and paperwork and work with you to get a perfect home and best value for money.

Hermilda & James Dela CruzIngenous Blog

Because of your ingenious blog, we would not know the beautiful landscape of San Antonio Village Resort Subdivision. Jim and I are overwhelmed with your work ethics. Our communication started back in California 2016. Since we arrived (May 2017) in Roxas City, you helped us every step of the way. Your passion to work well with your clients is commendable. In a few weeks, the anticipation of the ground breaking on our “first custom” home makes it more like a fairy tale BUT a REALITY.

Renante D.Continued Assistance

Thank you, Jen, for your continued assistance regarding our property acquisition. You have guided us throughout the entire process and never missed a bit even after all our inquiries and requests. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking assistance with real estate in Roxas City.

Michael BonesteelPleasant Experience

Jen, thank you so much for all that you have done. Working with you has been a pleasant experience from the start. You were very understanding and patient during the whole process which helped make our decision to buy through you. We appreciate all that you have done so far. Again thank you from both myself and my wife.

Maria Celyn S. BuenoVery Accommodating

Me and my husband searched a real estate property in Capiz, Roxas and stumbled upon Ms. Jenny Faith Anota, and we are so thankful that she guided us all throughout our search, she is very accommodating to all of our inquiries and gave us alternatives regarding financial concerns. We look forward to her good services until the end of our transactions. God bless and keep up the good work!

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