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House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz – Two-story Homes


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Living in Roxas City has many advantages. Aside from the laid-back atmosphere that is clear when you are in the city, you will never feel the pressure of being in a bigger city or crowded place no matter what time of year.

In fact, Roxas City is a place where the days aren’t so busy. Life here is easygoing, and you will have plenty of time to do the things you want to do. This city is an ideal place for retirement where the only challenge is finding your best spot to settle down. Roxas City now has everything a big city can offer and is ever-improving with its well-placed developments.

We have many two-story home designs you can build anywhere in Roxas City. Plus, the subdivisions here allow you to design your own house as long as it meets the requirements.

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Advantages of a Two-story House

A beautiful two-story house is not only pleasingly graceful, but it also has key features not found in a one-story house.

A two-story house has:

  • good division of rooms for a well-defined privacy
  • less contribution to heat and will need fewer materials for cooling effect
  • an energy-saving advantage over a one-story house
  • more open space


  • you can save precious land for your garden and landscape
  • the second floor gives an excellent view of your outdoor surroundings
  • kids love a two-story house because they can go up and down and be more active
  • stairs could add up to the beauty of your home interior

If you’re looking for such things, then a well-designed two-story house is what you need.

Roxas City Capiz House and Lot for Sale – 1 Move-in Ready Home

As of the moment, there is 1 available move-in ready house and lot for sale in Roxas City Capiz, which is inside a nice subdivision near the city proper.

House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz - Two-story Homes 1

Move-in requirements:

  1. 12% down payment
  2. Letter of Guarantee from the bank

Description: This move-in-ready brand new home is inside a residential subdivision in Roxas City.

Lot area: 80 sq m
Floor area: 40 sq m

House Features: Living room, dining room, kitchen (includes a sink, cabinet, and counter), 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, laundry area, 1 carport

Need to ask a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Available Two-story House Designs for Roxas, Capiz

Here are two-story house designs you can build anywhere in Roxas City:

House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz - Two-story Homes 2

Emerson House is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area. This house is suitable for bigger families.

See the Emerson design »

House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz - Two-story Homes 3

Olive house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area. This house is suitable for bigger families.

See the Olive design »

See all our home designs »

You can build any of these houses on your existing lot in Roxas City. We also have available lots within the city proper and near the beach.

Our lot listings are inside subdivisions where there’s more security, a quiet neighborhood, standard amenities, and good access to business establishments, banks, schools, and hospitals.

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Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz very, very well.

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    • Hi Alejandro. Thank you for your interest in acquiring a property in Roxas City. Are you just here within the city? We want to invite you (or any family member) for a site visit to all our subdivisions so you can choose your most suitable area to settle down.

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