Two-storey House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City

Avail of the best deals in house and lot for sale in Roxas City and live conveniently in the seafood capital of the Philippines.

Living in Roxas City has many advantages. Aside from the laid-back atmosphere that is evident the moment you enter this city, you’ll never feel the pressure of being in a big city or crowded place no matter what time of year.

In fact, Roxas City is a place where the days aren’t so busy and you’ll have plenty of time to do the things you want to do. This city is an ideal place for retirement where the only challenge is finding your most suitable location to settle down. Roxas City now has almost everything a big city can offer and is ever improving with its carefully planned new developments.

Speaking of having a well-designed house in Roxas City, there are many readily-available two-storey house designs you can build in specific locations in Roxas City. Plus, all subdivisions here allow you to design your own house.

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Advantages of a two-storey house

A beautiful two-storey house is not only pleasingly graceful, it also has key features not found in a one-storey house.

A two-storey house has:

  • good division of rooms for a well-defined privacy
  • less contribution to heat and will need less materials for cooling effect
  • energy-saving advantage over a one-storey house
  • more open space


  • you can save precious land for your garden and landscape
  • second floor gives an excellent view of your outdoor surroundings
  • kids love a two-storey house because they can go up and down and be more active
  • stairs could add up to the beauty of your home interior

If you’re looking for such things, then a well-designed two-storey house is what you need.

Two-storey House and Lot for Sale in Roxas City

Here’s our list of brand new multilevel houses in West Lake Villa, Roxas City:

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West Lake Villa is ideal if you want to settle down in a quiet place away from the sounds of commercial establishments because this village is purely residential. The houses here are typhoon-tested and they withstood the strongest winds of tropical cyclone Yolanda without suffering significant damages aside from fallen power lines on the road.

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Some of these brand new houses are already being built, each house is scheduled to finish between 3 and 5 months. So, if you’re looking for a readily available house, West Lake Villa is the subdivision to keep track because it’s building brand new model units faster than any subdivision in Roxas City. It’s a continuous project, so we keep track of its progress and make sure we have the newest update and our subscribers well-informed.

When you buy house and lot in West Lake Villa, you’ll also have a convenient access to their village clubhouse. This famous facility is capable of handling events, such as weddings, birthday parties, reunions, and other personal and business meetings.

West Lake Villa Clubhouse

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This 30-hectare village is nearest to Gaisano Grand Roxas, Capiz Bay Resort, Libas Fishing Port, and Capiz State University (CAPSU) Dayao campus.

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