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The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024


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The TYROLIT cutting disc is easily the best cutting disc you can find in the Philippines. In our years of building houses, we haven’t seen a disc cutter that can beat this brand in terms of durability and performance.

If you only have one disc cutter to give your worker, and the subsequent supply will be available after a week or two, give him a TYROLIT cutting disc. It can do its job for several days without any issues with durability and performance.

This solid abrasive disc slowly diminishes in size but not after cutting many items. Indeed, it is a dependable tool for cutting through metal, tiles, and stone. TYROLIT is our workers’ most trusted brand.

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 1
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The 3 Quality Lines of TYROLIT Discs

TYROLIT discs have three quality lines to choose from – Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Basic. The disc with a Basic (1 Star) quality has good abrasiveness, a long lifetime, and high productivity that can last for several days. Made in Thailand, it has the lowest grade among TYROLIT discs.

Standard. The disc with a Standard (2 Star) quality has very good abrasiveness, a long lifetime, and high productivity. Also made in Thailand, it can cut more steel than the Basic disc.

Premium. The disc with a Premium (3 Star) quality has the highest abrasiveness, the best lifetime, and the highest levels of productivity. TYROLIT manufactured it in Australia, where you can find the company’s headquarters.

What are the best TYROLIT Discs to Buy in the Philippines?

The size of the disc matters a lot if you want items that are always abundant in supply. Right now, the most widely used disc sizes in the Philippines are 4 and 14 inches. The market also shows that the most popular angle grinders and cut-off machines have 4″ and 14″ discs, respectively.

There is only a small supply of discs that are 5, 7, and 16 inches, with only a few tools that can fit them. However, the more powerful angle grinders have larger discs than 4 inches.

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs

Here’s a list of the best TYROLIT solid abrasive discs we have tried and tested:

1. TYROLIT Basic Straight Cut-off Wheel 14″ for Steel

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 2

This Basic cut-off wheel is perfect for the cut-off machine that can fit a 14-inch disc. Although it only has the Basic quality (the minimum quality line among TYROLIT discs), it is arguably the best cut-off wheel you can buy in the Philippines. It is made in Thailand and is better than the Dewalt chop saw wheel, although not much.

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2. TYROLIT Premium Ultrathin Cut-off Wheel 4″ (2-in-1)

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 3

This 2-in-1 premium cut-off wheel is the thinnest cutting disc among many brands. It’s a 0.8 mm ultrathin disc you can use to cut through steel and stainless steel. Having premium quality, it has the highest abrasiveness and productivity and the best lifetime. However, it takes an experienced hand to use it because it is ultrathin. So make sure you have proper protection when using this disc on your favorite angle grinder.

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3. TYROLIT Premium Ultrathin Cut-off Wheel 4″ for Inox

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 4

If you often work with stainless steel, the TYROLIT flagship store is arguably your best one-stop shop. It has plenty of cutting discs for inox (or stainless steel). This premium ultrathin cut-off disc is one of them. And it is the best TYROLIT has to offer.

Proudly made in Australia, where you can find the brand’s main headquarters, this disc has the highest abrasiveness, productivity, and lifetime. With it, you can cut through Inox for several days (even weeks). But using it requires an experienced hand and proper protection because it is ultrathin.

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4. TYROLIT Standard Ultrathin Cut-off Wheel 4″ for Inox

The Best TYROLIT Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 5

This standard cut-off wheel for Inox makes a viable choice for cutting stainless steel. It is less expensive than the premium disc mentioned above. But it can cut a lot of metal and lasts several days (even weeks) when used as a solo tool. TYROLIT says you can use it for an ordinary steel bar up to 12 mm thick.

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Final Thoughts

TYROLIT cutting discs are the most expensive disc cutters available in the Philippines. But it’s worth the price. I can buy them online and enjoy the prices like buying them in Metro Manila (literally). I live outside Manila, and the cost of TYROLIT discs in my area is double.

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