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5 Best 4-inch Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024


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The 4-inch metal cutting discs are arguably the most widely used disc cutters in the Philippines. And for a company like ours which focuses mainly on building houses for our clients, when it’s time to work on steel, we consume so many of these discs in a single day.

We use the 4-inch metal cutting discs for cutting metal in areas where the cut-off saw can hardly reach. The 4-inch diameter is our favorite disc size because it has a lot of options for excellent angle grinders (Dewalt, Makita, and SKIL, to name a few). We also use these tools for polishing.

metabo cutting disc
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Although you won’t find a high-wattage angle grinder designed for heavy cutting that requires a disc this small, the tool will be sufficient for light to moderate metal cutting operations. Besides, if you want to cut metal the whole day, the best tool for the job is the cut-off saw.

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The Best 4″ Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines

Here is a list of the 4-inch discs we regularly use in our construction sites:

1. TYROLIT Premium Ultrathin Cut-off Wheel 4″ for 2 in 1

5 Best 4-inch Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 1

This 4-inch cut-off wheel from TYROLIT is arguably the thinnest disc cutter (0.8 mm) available. You can use it for cutting steel and stainless steel (inox). It is TYROLIT’s highest-quality line when it comes to abrasiveness, lifetime, and levels of productivity. What I love about this TYROLIT disc is that it doesn’t break into fragments when it hits the surface of the metal.

Made in Australia, where you can find the company’s headquarters, expect this disc to last several days without being replaced. The only restriction is that it is not for everyone to use as it requires a more experienced hand to operate because it is ultrathin. And it is more expensive than the other metal cutting discs on this list.

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2. Dewalt DWA8060 4″ Cutting Disc

5 Best 4-inch Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 2

This Dewalt cutting disc is a must-have. It is durable, reliable, and super thin (1.2 mm only), which can cut through metal easily. And when you acquire it from the flagship store, expect a performance that is proudly Dewalt. I have tried other brands but always return to Dewalt tools because they are so reliable.

This brand maintained the quality of its tools over the years by managing the productions very well, whichever country it produces them. You should try this cutting disc if you haven’t tried it yet. It is half the price of the TYROLIT disc but can also cut a lot of steel while maintaining its brand-new look.

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3. Bosch 4-inch Cutting Disc

5 Best 4-inch Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 3

This Bosch cutting disc may have the best value for money. It is much cheaper than the Dewalt disc, but you can cut plenty of steel before replacing a single disc. It is durable, ultrathin (1.2 mm only), and capable of cutting through metal more precisely and quickly.

However, since Bosch is a well-known brand in the country, this disc may have many imitations. That is why you should acquire it only from the flagship store. This cutting disc is always in my storage room, ready to do its duty. And it is one of my foreman’s favorite discs.

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4. SKIL Flexi Rapid Super Cutting Disc 4″

5 Best 4-inch Metal Cutting Discs in the Philippines in 2024 4

SKIL is one brand that is on par with the leading brands in terms of technology. Some of its tools even have unique, handy features not found in other brands. And speaking of quality and performance, this brand has dependable products that can live up to your exacting standards.

Most SKIL tools sold in the Philippines come from China, but this cutting disc is made in the U.S.A. It is super thin (1.0 mm only) and has an above-average quality. It is one of the good-looking discs, and I use it sparingly because it is twice the price of the Bosch disc. Although, sometimes you can have SKIL discs as freebies when you buy a SKIL power tool.

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5. METABO Cutting Disc

metabo cutting disc

This METABO cutting disc is one of the most expensive on this list, but the quality is no different than its power tools that can compete with DEWALT, Makita, and Milwaukee. Without a doubt, it is a brand that belongs to professionals.

METABO manufactures this top-tier cutting disc in Germany, where you’ll find its headquarters. It is a very high-quality product and performs better than some of the discs mentioned above. It is super thin (1.0mm only) and is best for INOX, but you can also use it for cutting regular metal.

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Final Thoughts

The best cutting discs for metal can cut plenty of metals without showing wear. They maintain their form until the end of their lifespan and don’t break even when used on a more rigid metal material. For this type of tool, there is a good reason why you should stick to the leading brands. They are always more expensive but worth the price.

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