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5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024


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With the ever-growing trend of online shopping here in the Philippines, everyone gets to have the newest tools as soon as they are available. Regarding cordless impact drivers, getting the latest iterations also means getting more powerful, efficient, and ergonomic versions of these tools.

Although it’s hard to get even the smallest discount when buying the latest impact driver (not until the new model is already looming), having the most powerful tool in your hand assures you of better-than-ever performance.

5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 1
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Cordless impact drivers are the best tools for screwing, and they are becoming more compact and able to reach tight spaces to fasten screws much easier. They are also great for drilling, although not as smooth as the drill.

The best cordless impact drivers are top-grade, brushless tools suitable for DIY tasks and professional use. These dependable tools can last for countless hours without showing any sign of losing power and performance.

The Best Cordless Impact Drivers in the Philippines

Here’s a list of the best cordless impact drivers you can buy in the Philippines for 2024:

1. Milwaukee GEN 4 M18 FUEL 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (2953)

5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 2

This impact driver is your best option if you want power and performance. The Milwaukee GEN 4 M18 FUEL 2953 is the most powerful (around 225 NM) and compact model yet. It is also lightweight and the fastest tool at 3900 RPM. This driver now features Tri-LED lighting, compared to the single-LED lighting of its predecessor, which shines brighter and eliminates shadow in the area of work.

It feels good in the hand and offers smooth acceleration, which helps prevent damage to both the screw and the material. It is more compact than the previous model and can reach tighter spaces without any issues. Moreover, this Milwaukee impact driver isn’t the most expensive whether you acquire it as a bare tool or kit along with a battery and a charger.

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5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 3

The DCF845 is DEWALT’s latest impact driver and a flagship tool in the XR lineup. It is cheaper than the Milwaukee driver in the Philippines but has less torque at around 205 NM. It also produces less speed at 3,400 RPM.

But these are enough power and speed to get the job done. DEWALT tools are dependable and feel comfortable in the hand. In the Philippines, they may have the best value for money because the local sellers usually offer considerable discounts for DEWALT tools whether impact driver set or bare tool.

DEWALT DCF845 is an impact driver for both DIY and professional use. Like the Milwaukee driver, it also offers 3 speeds for pro-level precision. It has a Tri-LED work light for enhanced visibility in darker areas. Surprisingly, it is lighter than the DCF850, DEWALT’s latest ATOMIC impact driver.

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Cheaper alternative: DEWALT DCF887 — This power tool was the flagship and most dependable DEWALT impact driver for a long time. It also has 205 NM of torque but is slower than the DCF845, producing 3,250 RPM only. It has a 3-speed setting for the highest precision and a Tri-LED work light for maximum visibility.

3. DEWALT DCF850 ATOMIC 20V 1/4 inch

5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 4

The DCF850 is DEWALT’s most compact impact driver. It’s an all-rounder that can do any screwing smoothly, even in difficult-to-reach areas. Although it belongs to the ATOMIC series, it equals the DCF845 driver in terms of power (around 205 NM).

But the speed is less than its big brother (3,250 RPM only), although it beats the DCF845 on some real-life tests. It also has a 3-speed trigger for pro-level control and a Tri-LED work light. And it feels good in the hand.

This power tool also produces less heat than some top-grade impact drivers, even if you use it all day. I like the elegant feel of the hard plastic material in this tool, although the Milwaukee plastic feels harder and may be more resilient.

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4. Makita DTD172 18V LXT BL

5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 5

The DTD172 is Makita’s top-grade, brushless impact driver. It has a maximum torque of 180 NM and a speed of up to 3,600 RPM. This tool has a 4-speed setting for pro-level precision when working. And it sits above all the Makita impact drivers when you compare its features.

Makita DTD172 comes with a price that is higher than all of the tools mentioned above. But you cannot deny the comfort and ease of use when using this tool for screwing. Makita seldom offers discounts in the Philippines, but at the time of this writing, this tool is 45% off at a flagship store which ensures you always get an authentic tool.

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5. BOSCH GDX 180

5 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Available in the Philippines for 2024 6

BOSCH GDX 180 is a professional, brushless tool that combines the function of impact driver and wrench. Although it only produces 180 NM of torque and is no match compared to the power of top impact wrenches, it offers an easy shift from hex shank to drive socket. This BOSCH impact driver can perform light to moderate wrenching tasks.

But where it shines the most is screwing. Although it is not a champion in real-life tests, this power tool belongs in the professional category. The build quality is excellent, and it is hardworking and reliable, with a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about imitations because you can get this power tool at the BOSCH flagship store in the Philippines.

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Final Thoughts

Having the latest cordless impact drivers in your collection of tools ensures better performance and efficiency at work. While older models may require more time to complete the job, on many occasions, they are enough for construction work in the Philippines.

I wouldn’t mind getting an older model for a much lower price. These tools are expensive, and the risk of losing one on a construction site is real. That is why I rely on tracking systems like the DEWALT Tool Connect to take control of my inventory.

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