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San Antonio Resort Village – a Subdivision Near the Beach


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san antonio resort village

Lot area: between 95 sq m and 405 sq m
Lot price: between Php 9,400 and Php 15,000/sq m
Reservation fee: Php 8,000

Did you know that San Antonio Resort has a village where you can have a property of your own? That village is San Antonio Resort Village.

And anyone who knows Roxas City will regard San Antonio Resort Village as the best subdivision near Baybay beach, our most famous seashore in Roxas City. This large village can give you all the joys of being near the beach (i.e., clean seawater, clean ocean breeze, peaceful scenery, gorgeous sunrise and sunset, and abundant seafood), which is a real plus if you are a seafood lover because most of the seafood restaurants are here in Baybay beach. This area is a perfect place to enjoy pleasant living.

In 2002, people called Baybay beach, the cleanest shoreline of the Philippines. This wide beach of fine ebony sand is blissful with pleasant weather for almost the entire year. Baybay, as a natural bay, is very safe because big islands and mountains surround the interconnecting waters protecting the entire area from the Pacific Ocean. This beach is still very rich in seashells, where you’ll see locals harvesting them every early morning.

Unlike other coasts, Baybay is just 7 kilometers away from the center of Roxas City. So, you can make a quick shift from ocean view to city view whenever you want. Baybay is a great place for a family picnic, swimming, boating, and dining by the ocean. In fact, this place is a favorite weekend spot for residents, would-be residents, and visitors.

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San Antonio Resort Village Roxas City

san antonio resort village
san antonio resort village
san antonio resort village
san antonio resort village
san antonio resort village
san antonio resort village

San Antonio Resort Village is part of the famous San Antonio Resort in Baybay Roxas City.

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What are the Famous Landmarks Near San Antonio Resort Village Roxas City?

If you live in San Antonio Resort Village, you’ll not only enjoy a quiet neighborhood and standard amenities that the city government examines and approves, but you’ll also be near the following famous landmarks:

  • SM City Roxas, a 10-hectare complete shopping mall, like SM City Iloilo, is on Arnaldo Boulevard, scheduled to finish in 2021.
  • Gaisano Grand Mall Roxas City, a complete shopping mall on Arnaldo Boulevard. Gaisano Grand has famous establishments like McDonald’s, Jollibee, Chowking, Chicken Deli, Lapaz Batchoy, BPI bank, Bank of Commerce, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), and Metrobank.
  • Roxas City Culasi Port, the chief port of northern Panay
  • Roxas City Airport, a class 1 principal airport with around 1,978 aircraft movements each year.

San Antonio Resort Roxas City Philippines

If you are staying in Roxas City and you want to enjoy the best view of the beach, San Antonio Resort is one of the best resorts (if not the best resort) Roxas City offers.

This famous resort has rooms that can accommodate various vacationers (from a single vacationer up to a large family). As a self-contained commercial establishment, San Antonio Resort has restaurants everywhere, including one restaurant in the Baybay area.

Aside from the great opportunity to swim in the ocean any time of the day, this resort also has swimming pools for you to cool down in hot weather.

San Antonio Resort also has large function rooms/halls that can accommodate weddings, debuts, birthday parties, seminars, etc.

the san antonio resort
the san antonio resort
the san antonio resort
the san antonio resort
the san antonio resort
the san antonio resort

Note: If you’re a property owner in San Antonio Resort Village, you’ll also get a 10% discount on all San Antonio Resort’s facilities and a 5% discount on all food and beverages.

Houses You Can Build in San Antonio Resort Village Roxas City

Below are well-designed and spacious houses you can build in San Antonio Resort Village (click the image to view house details):

San Antonio Resort Village - a Subdivision Near the Beach 1

House name: Olive

Description: This 158 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it in a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate one large SUV, crossover, van, or pickup. See the Olive design »

San Antonio Resort Village - a Subdivision Near the Beach 2

House name: Emerson

Description: This 160 sq m house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m lot area, but you can also build it in a bigger lot size and look great. This house is suitable for bigger families. The carport is spacious enough to accommodate 2 large SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickups. See the Emerson design »

See all our home designs »

Health Benefits of Living Near the Beach

For this post, we have hand-picked significant health benefits of living near the beach:

  • Walking barefoot on the sea sand reduces stress, improves blood circulation, and strengthens feet muscles. Sea sand gives a good foot massage, too.
  • Since there’s no reason not to swim, this great exercise becomes a part of your healthy workout.
  • The presence of seawater or coastline reduces stress and makes you relax.
  • Seawater helps slow down aging.
  • The abundance of vitamin D gives strong bones and a tough immune system.

Feel confident about your home purchase. Deal only with a PRC-licensed real estate broker who will act in your best interest and guide you every step of the way.

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Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional, having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz, very well.

69 thoughts on “San Antonio Resort Village – a Subdivision Near the Beach”

  1. Hi, I would like to inquire if I need a 200sqms lot. How much is it for 1year and for 2 years to pay? How much will be the deposit and monthly amortization fee? Hoping for your immediate reply….thank you!

    • Hi Ms. Lalaine. We have 221 sq. m. lot. The lot price is Php 3,000, so we get the contract price by computing Php 3,000 x 221 sq.m. Php 663,000.00.

      The reservation fee is Php 8,000.00 (to be deducted from the contract price). 20 percent of the contract price (less the reservation fee) is required as a deposit. The monthly amortization is Php 53,400.00 if payable for 1 year. If amortization is to be paid in 2-10 yrs., interest will be applied.

      We will also email this to you and update you regarding the monthly amortization for 2 yrs.

      Thanks for inquiring.

  2. Hi Myra, please check your email now for detailed computation of 220 sq m lot payable in 2 years. Thank you.

  3. Hi, could you please send me details, available lots and prices of San Antonio Village? Thanks

    • Hi Maria, we’ve just updated this post with all the available lots and prices. Please choose a specific lot size; then, we’ll send you detailed computation regarding payment terms. Thanks for inquiring. We’ve sent you an email also.

  4. Hi, I am interested in LOT # 9. What are the dimensions of this lot? How many square meters? I am working overseas at the moment be in Roxas on July 13 to speak with somebody and show me this lot. I am very familiar with this subdivision because I use to live in Roxas and look forward to building a house.

    • Hi Tim, lot #9 has 184 sq m at Php 3,300/sq m. We have to confirm it yet and get back to you as soon as possible regarding the lot dimensions. We’ll be glad to serve you when you arrive; contact Jen to assist you. Thanks for the inquiry.

    • Tim, dimensions of lot #9: frontage = 3.45 m, facing lot #8 = 10.99 m, facing lot #10 = 12.3 m, back = 13.8 m.

  5. Hello Glenda, we’ve just updated our map of available lots in Phase 4. You can view our map of available lots, then zoom in to get a bigger picture of the price per sqm.

  6. Hi Jen, if we purchase a lot in San Antonio, do you have specific builders, or can we hire anybody to build our house? Is there a collection of garbage inside the subdivision? Is there 24/7 security to secure in & out of cars? Thanks

    • Hello Ann, thanks for the inquiry. Yes, San Antonio can build your house, but you can also have your own builder if you wish to. If you’re a lot owner at San Antonio Resort Village, you’ll be a member of their home owner’s association, where your minimal monthly fee will cover the village’s security and maintenance. This village is one of the cleanest and most secure subdivisions in Roxas City.

  7. Thanks for the reply, Jen.
    My apology, but I still have questions for you to answer my husband’s queries & for some clarifications.
    Let’s just based all the questions, for example, with House Model KYRA1 of San Antonio Village.
    1. How’s the process for building the house Jen & how many months would it take to be finished?
    2. How about the TCT /OCT? Will they give it to us after we paid?
    3.Who will pay for the Capital Gains Tax?
    4.How much would it be for the percentage of the selling price?
    5. Who will pay for the withholding tax ( my apology, I don’t if you’re a corporation or not )?
    6. Who will pay for the Real Estate Tax?
    7. If ever there is a broker’s commission, who will pay for it?
    8.Who will pay for the documentary stamp tax? How much for KYRA 1 model?
    9.Who will pay for the Transfer Tax? How much?
    10.Who will pay for the Registration Fee? How much?
    11.If ever there are incidental & miscellaneous expenses, what would it be? Who will pay for it? How much?

    Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it.

    • Hello Ann, thank you for the follow-up. The transfer of title of the lot will be processed by the developer of San Antonio Resort Village (Ancor Dev’t Corp. – ADC); all expenses are already included in the computation of the lot purchase. There is no miscellaneous expense. There’ll be no transfer of title for the house because it will already be registered under the buyer’s name before house construction will begin. The buyer will not shoulder the broker’s commission. The buyer pays the real estate tax annually after the lot title has been transferred to the buyer’s name and after the city government has appraised the finished house. I hope this helps.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding buying a property in Roxas City. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jen.

    Is this lot (Block 3 Lot 12) still available? If I get it in cash, do you have any discount? How much?



    • Hello Ej, yes, this lot is still available. I’ve just sent you a message via email for complete details regarding block 3, lot 12 of San Antonio phase 4. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the details. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jenny
    You show several housing developments with the Roxas area, Capiz, San Antonio, and Puente Acuna. In your opinion, if I was buying a lot and house, or just a lot, where is the better location?

    • It will depend on the location you want. San Antonio will have all the benefits of being near the beach, while Puente Acuna is very accessible to institutions and business establishments.

      • Thanks, Jenny
        Ok, how about San Antonio? What are the facilities there? Is it well developed? If I buy a lot only, is there anyone you can recommend for a house design? And also a well know builder?

      • Yes, San Antonio is a well-developed subdivision, and its developer also build houses. You can present your customized design, and they’ll build it for you.

  10. Hi Jenny
    Do you know of any reputable house designers in Roxas who can give a complete design and complete BOQ? is there anywhere on this web page that shows the complete facility’s at San Antonio, also hard to see what plots are still available; I am looking for something in the 300sq meter range

  11. Hi, can you please send me details of the available lots in San Antonio? Include the price and how to pay for it. Thanks.

    • Hello Jo, you can click the map of available lots (above and after the list of houses), right-click and save the image to your pc. This map shows the available lots in San Antonio phase 4, including price/sqm. We’ll be sending you computation details via email.

  12. Hi Ms. Jen, I would like to inquire if phase 4 blk 3 lot 2,blk 6 lot 2, and blk 9 lot 1 are still available. If any one of these is available, pls give me the computation. Kindly email me the details. Thanks

  13. Hi Jen.
    I think our 220 sqm lot is too skinny to put any of your larger home designs on. The 220 sqm lots look narrow. Maybe I need to buy 2 lots.
    Jen. Can you find out if your Emerald design (143 sqm ) house can be built on our lot?
    Block 6, lot 7 ( 220 sqm ).
    Thank you

    • Hello Rocky. Based on the shape of your 220sqm lot, yes, you can build a house similar to Emerald but not identical design since it officially belongs to Camella Homes. You can customize it a bit the way you want it. By the way, there are still 6 available lots (220sqm at Php3,500/sqm) located side by side in Block 6, so you can get a bigger area; I can show you the actual locations or give you recommendations of other strategic locations. The management will increase the lot price by March 1, 2015, from Php3,500 to Php3,800/sqm.

  14. Hi Jen,

    My wife and I are going back to Roxas this April. Can you show us some available lots, size 150-200m2?

    • Hello Frax. Thank you for contacting us. I’ll be glad to show you our available lots between 150 and 200 m2 when you go back to Roxas. Our lowest lot price right now is Php 3,000/sqm. I’ll send the map of available lots and complete details via email in a short while so you’ll have an idea of the currently available lot locations.

    • Hello Gie. We couldn’t locate lot #9 since it doesn’t have block no. But we’ve sent you through email some lot recommendations in San Antonio. Please check your mail. Thank you.

  15. Gigi, we tried sending a reply through email, but our mail delivery was unsuccessful. Can you provide us another email address? Thank you.

  16. Hi Jenn, is the Patricia home series still available n? If still available, can u send me thru email the computation n how many years of installment?

  17. Do you have beachfront property where the water is good for swimming? I am interested in buying. Thanks for the info.

  18. Hi! Is there an available lot that is directly located beachfront? Is the village/lot located within the shoreline or across? I am currently in Roxas city, and I like the location of the BAYBAY area, including San Antonio Resort Village. Thanks.

    • San Antonio Resort village is just across Baybay beach. Our currently opened location (phase 4) is just over a hundred meters away from Baybay beach. As of the moment, we don’t have an available slot that’s directly located beachfront. Are you available for a site visit? I want to show you the entire San Antonio village and its available lot locations. Just let me know of your convenient schedule. We can fetch you anywhere in Roxas City with our company vehicle.

  19. I want to acquire a lot in San Antonio village about 400 sq. meters, a bit further from the shore. Could you give me an estimated price?
    Is there any deduction for paying in cash?


  20. Dear Ma’am,

    I want to inquire if you have available lots in san Antonio resort village around 100 sq. meter is it still available and how much? If ever available, is there anybody to contact for a site visit? And any vacant lot in Roxas city worth 150T?

    Looking for your reply.

  21. I want to know if you can send online lot layouts showing which lots are still available.
    If I pay in cash for a house and lot package, when will the unit be completely built?

    • Hello Jose. Yes, we can send online the map of the available lots. But first, may we ask: Are you just here in Roxas City? We want to invite you for a site visit so you’ll see the whole subdivision. Then, we’ll give you full information on acquiring a property in this location. Depending on the house you choose, building a brand new house can last between 6 and 8 months.

  22. Hi ma’am, good day
    I want to inquire regarding the lots in San Antonio resort village; if you still have 200 sqm, let me know how much the price is.
    Thank you hoping for your positive reply

    • Hi Mark. Do you have another email address where we can send a reply? We’ve tried with the email you supplied, but our message has not been sent.

    • Hi Johnrith. Yes, there’s an available 200sqm lot in this subdivision. Are you available for a site visit?

  23. Hello Ma’am, Good Day! Can you please provide us the details of KAYRA 1, along with the payments scheme my family is planning to buy a property in Roxas City

    • Hi Norma. Are you just here in Roxas City? We want to invite you (or any family member) for a site visit to the village where the Kyra house is available. Then we’ll give you complete computation details and everything you need to know in acquiring this property.

      • Hi Ma’am, we have family in Roxas; in case of site visits, please provide me with your private email to send their contact details, Thanks!

  24. Hi Ma’am,
    Please prepare for us the site visit for the KAYRA 1 and the PHILIP model of your unit.
    We’re asking for a favor from our relatives (edited) to view this unit.

  25. Do you have a lot of 100 sq.m. for P4,000/sq.m. can you send me the details of the payment procedure and your available lot via email? Thank you.

    • Hi Judy Ann. Yes, we have an available 100 sqm lot in San Antonio Village, but the current price/sqm is Php 5,500. Would you still be interested in acquiring this property?

  26. Hi, please send me a copy of your available lots in San Antonio Resort Village, around 200-300sq meters. I will appreciate it if you can send me a quotation as well. Thanks.

  27. Hi, I want to check the middle-size lots you have right now in San Antonio Village.
    And pls send me a map too that is
    Available & how much is it per sqm.
    Is this house and lot. Thank you.

  28. Looking for a 200 sq/meter lot in San Antonio Resort Village. Approx. How much would it cost to build the Olive house plan?

    • Hi Mark. Thank you for the inquiry. We’ve already replied through email. Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

  29. Hi Andy. Thank you for the inquiry. We’ve already replied through email regarding available lots in San Antonio Village.

  30. Hello Jen, I am a lot owner. I am planning to sell it but no idea how much it cost now per sqm. It’s much appreciated for any assistance. Thanks/150sqm.

  31. Hello,
    Can you send me a copy of the development plan showing available lots for sale? Thank you.

  32. Hi, I am interested in the house and lot Emerson model. I am living abroad now, and I would like to know the process needed in terms of paying and how long it will take for the house to build? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

    • Hi Pauline. We have already replied to your inquiry via email. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  33. Hi, can you email me the lot price in San Antonio village and the Olive house construction price?

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