Roxas City Private Schools (8 Most Popular Schools)

by | Updated on June 10, 2021

The private schools in Roxas City have produced graduates who became successful professionals and leaders of the country and abroad. Most of the colleges here have a high passing rate in private and government examinations. In fact, the quality of education big cities offer is also available here, only much less expensive.

Here are 8 popular private schools in Roxas City (in no particular order):

1. Filamer Christian University (FCU)

filamer christian university

Location: Roxas Avenue, Roxas City
Established: 1904
Basic Education: Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, High School
Higher Education: Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences, Business and Accountancy, Computer Studies, Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Management & Tourist, and Nursing

FCU started as a home for poor children in 1904, then later became a joint project of Filipinos and American missionaries whose mission was to provide Christian education in Roxas City.

2. Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion

colegio de la purisima concepcion

Location: Arzobispo, Roxas City
Established: 1948
Basic Education: Grade School, High School
Higher Education: Arts and Education, Business, Management, Accounting, Engineering and Technology, Maritime, and College of Law

This school aims for academic excellence by way of Roman Catholic ideals. It’s also a leading school in Maritime.

3. HERCOR College

hercor college roxas city

Location: Riverside and Lawaan, Roxas City
Established: 2004
Higher Education: Criminology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Elementary and Secondary Education

This college aims to produce world-class graduates who are also God-fearing. HERCOR college has a rapidly growing population.

4. College of St. John-Roxas

college of st john roxas

Location: Teodorica Avenue Banica, Roxas City
Established: 1999
Basic Education: High School
Higher Education: Psychology, Accountancy, Nursing, Business Administration, Education, Real Estate Management

This college aims to provide top-quality education so that residents in Roxas City and nearby places won’t have to go to big cities to get the quality education they desire.

5. St. Anthony College

st. anthony college roxas city

Location: San Roque St, Roxas City
Established: 1958
Higher Education: Nursing, Health Care Services, and Midwifery

This non-profit Roman Catholic school is a sister institution of St. Anthony Hospital, one of the main hospitals in Roxas City. St. Anthony College aims to produce quality and competitive health professionals.

6. Saint Mary’s Academy of Capiz (SMAC)

saint mary's academy of capiz

Location: 2537 Burgos Street, Roxas City
Basic Education: Pre-elementary and Elementary

This school specializes in basic education and is one of the preferred schools by prominent people in Roxas City. It’s where you’ll find the rich and famous.

7. Capiz Commercial School (CCS)

capiz commercial school

Location: Punta Tabuc, Roxas City
Basic Education: Pre-elementary and Elementary

CSS is another popular school that provides quality basic education. It’s also known as Chinese School, a school preferred by most Chinese businessmen in Roxas City.

8. St. Michael Montessori, Inc.

Location: Corner Datiles St. and Capricho 2 St., Roxas City
Basic Education: Pre-elementary and Elementary

St. Michael Montessori received recognition from DepEd in 2008. This school is growing in popularity and has an increasing number of pupils. It has excellent facilities. In fact, a lot of children from prominent families in Roxas City are also here.

Here’s a complete list of other private schools in Roxas City:

  • Our Lady of Grace Academy (OLGA)
  • Our Lady of Mercy Learning School
  • Roxas International Preschool, Inc.
  • Little Learners Playing and Learning Center
  • Bible Baptist Christian School
  • Lifeline International Academy
  • Stages Child Learning and Computer Preschool
  • Horizon Learning Center
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Learning Center (OLMCFLC)
  • St. Pius X Seminary
  • Capiz Learning Center
  • Child’s Academy
  • Kesiah Dream Academy Center
  • Happyville Academy
  • Gai’z Way Learning Center
  • Northville Christian Academy.

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