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Pontevedra Capiz: A Place for Our New Project Outside Roxas City


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It’s our new project outside Roxas City and the biggest one so far. See how we build this home with extra preparations for the Philippines’ wet season.

Pontevedra, Capiz (named after Pontevedra, Spain) is a municipality known for its seafood products. It is arguably the place outside Roxas City where the seafood is most abundant. It has a total land area of 130.90 km2 of rich marine life. And if you are a seafood lover, you will quickly feel at home in this place.

This municipality is one of the places where the Panay river becomes significantly wider. The seafood here is also a bit lower in price than the seafood in Roxas City.

Just 19 kilometers away from the city proper going inland, buying local seafood in Pontevedra is a must if you want to travel with plenty of “pasalubong” for your friends and family.

Pontevedra is also home to over 49,000 people (and growing steadily) after a considerable decrease in the population during World War II, with just a little over 6% poverty incidence. But not all homeowners live here every day. Many residents are now working abroad and only visit the place once in a while.

But in the face of its growing population, this place remains prone to flooding during the wet season (but not after a few days of continuous heavy rains). So with that in mind, we made extra preparations for this project to help make our client’s home survive the harsh weather conditions as they come.

Pontevedra Capiz: A Place for Our New Project Outside Roxas City

Every house is different, but our commitment to serving our clients remains the same. Many of our clients work abroad and sometimes only manage to see their homes for the first time after 100% completion. So we build houses just like we own them to make our clients super happy with our handiwork.

Here is our strategy for this project:

  • Build the house on natural ground. For maximum stability, we built the foundation of every house on the natural ground because the soil has been there since time began.
  • Elevate it by 1.5 meters. We have proven that this approach is practical for this location. During the construction, it rained for more than a week. There was flooding in many areas, but the waters never reached the ground floor of this house (not even close).
  • Install the electrical system on the second floor. The flood can never reach the second level, so we put the electrical system there and supply power to the first floor.
  • Surround the roof with a parapet wall. The parapet wall will act as a defense system that protects the roof from strong winds during a typhoon.

If you love what we are doing for this project and are planning to build a brand-new house in your area, feel free to reach out to us. Just like the service we provide for our clients abroad, we also offer you a stress-free experience even if you don’t have the luxury of checking the house construction daily.

We provide photos of its development regularly. Plus, you can call us anytime if you need to discuss anything.

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Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional, having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz, very well.