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Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz 2022


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Our lots for sale in Roxas City Capiz cover residential and commercial lots. We only have 1 commercial lot for sale in Roxas City near Sitio Uno Residences, Pueblo de Panay.

If you are looking for a residential lot, we recommend our subdivision lots (sized 80-500 sq m). They are in excellent locations near the beach and the city proper.

Getting a piece of land inside Roxas City’s famous subdivisions can be an ideal thing to do. There are a lot of benefits to living inside these secure villages.

Here are a few things worth mentioning:

  • There’s an assurance that the lot you purchase has a clean title
  • You get to enjoy the standard amenities
  • You get to enjoy standard-sized and quality roads
  • Proper sewage and drainage system
  • 24/7 organized security system
  • Well-defined and implemented policies by homeowner’s association

1. Pueblo de Panay Commercial Lots: 867 Sq M (2 Lots – 429 Sq M and 438 Sq m)

Category: Commercial
Location: Near Sitio Uno Residences, Pueblo de Panay
Lot Price/sq m: Php 25,000
Term of Payment: Spot Cash
Remarks: You can buy 1 lot only

2. Orchard Lane 180 Sq M Lot

Category: Residential
Location: Orchard Lane, Pueblo de Panay
Lot Price/sq m: Php 15,000
Term of Payment: Spot Cash

3. 80 Sq M Lots for Sale

Category: Residential
Location: Near Camella Capiz, Roxas-Ivisan Bypass Rd.
Lot Price/sq m: Php 10,300
Reservation Fee: Php 7,000
Down Payment: 20% of the total lot price payable in 18 months
DP for 18 months: Php 8,766.67

These 80 sq m subdivision lots are very accessible and are near Camella Capiz in the Roxas-Ivisan Bypass Road. You can get these available lots through bank and PAG-IBIG financing.

Note: For more lot listing, visit our Facebook Page: Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz »

Here’s a list of the most famous subdivisions in Roxas City, with lots for sale between 95 sq m and 500 sq m:

Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz 2022 1

4. San Antonio Resort Village

Lot price/sq m: Php 6,500 up to Php 12,000

San Antonio Resort Village is a residential village nearest to our famous Baybay beach, where you’ll also find seafood restaurants. This subdivision is just a hundred meters away from the shoreline of Baybay beach. This village is also nearest to the famous San Antonio Resort. If you like to take morning walks on the beach, this is your best village in Roxas City.

According to a famous study, people living near a large body of water are happier and healthier than people living farther inland. But lots for sale in San Antonio Resort Village are not only affordable, but their prices are also much lower than other lots for sale near Baybay beach.

Baybay Beach is right in front of one of the safest waters in the Philippines-the Visayan Sea. Islands and mountains surround this large body of water, protecting Baybay beach from the Pacific Ocean. In fact, Roxas City’s coastal areas are safer than many cities in the Philippines, and that’s one reason the Spaniards came here after leaving Cebu island during the olden days.

Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz 2022 2

5. Puente Acuna Village

Lot price/sq m: Php 8,000 up to 11,500

If you want to live near the center of Roxas City, where you’ll have convenient access to schools/universities, medical institutions, shopping malls, banks, and other commercial establishments, Puente Acuna Village is the best location to look for an ideal piece of land.

While lot prices of property for sale by owners near the center of Roxas City are soaring high, it’s a big surprise that Puente Acuna Village still has the lowest lot prices in the vicinity. And you won’t feel the pressure of being in a big city or crowded place because this village is silent (and also secure) and you’ll still enjoy the fresh air and the panoramic view of mountains nearby.

Puente Acuna is near the major river of Roxas, where the city lights are most spectacular during the holiday season. Small boats pass by this river to deliver fresh seafood to the wet market.

Lot for Sale in Roxas City Capiz 2022 3

6. West Lake Villa

Lot price/sq m: Php 6,500 up to Php 11,000

West Lake Villa is a purely residential subdivision with a natural creek inside. This village has one of the best amenities (if not the best) among famous subdivisions in Roxas City. West Lake’s clubhouse facility is a favorite spot for many residents living in Roxas City who want to go out and enjoy their weekends.

If you want a quiet and secure village with a natural creek inside, the most complete amenities, and a lot of greenery in mind, West Lake Villa is one of the best places to look for an ideal lot. This village is just around a 5-minute ride away from the center of Roxas City.

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Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional, having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz, very well.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    Another inquiry please…the said lot in Tanque for sale, where is it situated? Which building is it adjacent to and its sides and back??

  2. Hi! Do you have a vacant lot or building ideal for building a dormitory or transient rooms for tourists?
    Preferably near colleges and review schools and malls.
    Lot size: approx 300 sqm.

    • Hi Aissa. Yes, there’s a good location where you can build dormitory/transient rooms. Are you available for a site visit? We want to show you the place.

  3. Hi. I’m looking for a commercial lot in Roxas City. Could you find me one and could at least give me a computation? Thanks.

  4. Hi, I would like to inquire about a vacant lot to build another branch of the funeral business. Suppose there is available that near in the road or the city much better. Just give me a computation if there is. Thank you

    • Hi Russel. Thank you for the inquiry. As of the moment, all our property listings are inside subdivisions, but we’ll let you know if we have a property for sale by the owner that matches your ideal location.

    • Hi Rowena. Tanza lot is not anymore available. Will you be interested in acquiring subdivision lots? We can assist you in finding your most suitable location there.

  5. Hi…good day!!..wanna inquire regarding Puente Acuna villa? Where is the exact location of it? Thank you in advance…and more power

    • Hi Faith. Puente Acuna is just a kilometer away from City Hall. Are you here in Roxas City? We want to invite you for a site visit at your convenient time to show you the subdivision and its available lots.

  6. Hi, Jen, I am looking for a house & lot near the beach in Roxas City to become my vacation house. I am a senior citizen here in Canada and have a small budget of Ph. 1,000,000.00. Can you please find one for me? I am looking forward to spending 4 mos. Vacation there come December of this year. Thanks.

    • Hi Teddy. Yes, we have lot of listings of all the subdivisions here in Roxas City. Are you available for a site visit so you can see the possible locations where you can settle down?

  7. Hi. Interested for a residential lot in West lake villa if there’s availability or other residential subd or beachfront or lakefront lots

    • Hi Nieva. We have available lots similar to what you’re looking for. How may we be able to contact you and show you the residential lots?

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