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Cost of Living in Philippines 2022 – Roxas, Capiz


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cost of living in philippines

As you may already know, the cost of living in the Philippines is relatively inexpensive. And if you can pick the right spot, you can live comfortably in a big city for only $1,000 per month.

But do you know you can choose a medium-sized city, like Roxas City, and have everything you need and still be able to save 40% of that amount? Roxas, Capiz is the second city on Panay Island in Western Visayas, but it is possible to live here for just $600 a month.

Roxas City is the capital of the province of Capiz, with a population of just around 167,000 people. It is the second city (next to Iloilo City) in terms of education, trade, and economic activities on the entire island of Panay.

Because of its abundance of seafood, this city earned a rightful nickname, the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.” If you’re a massive seafood lover, this can be the best place to live in the Philippines. Roxas City is home to the most delicious angel wing clam (known as Diwal), crabs, scallops, shrimps, milkfish, oysters, and other rich seafood.

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So what is the cost of living in Roxas City? Here’s a summary of the social classes and the level of comfort you will experience living here:

  • Php 20,000 ($400) is possible but not very comfortable. This is the current low-income class (but not poor) in the Philippines.
  • Php 38,000 ($760) is comfortable. This is the lower-middle-income class.
  • Php 67,000 ($1,340) is very comfortable. This is the middle-income class.
  • Over Php 67,000, and you will live nicely here in Roxas City.

3 Best Locations to Settle Down in Roxas, Capiz

We are a medium-sized city, and wherever you live within its boundaries, you’ll only be a few minutes away from your destination. We have identified the 3 best locations where you can have a permanent residence.

baybay beach roxas city capiz
Baybay Beach, Roxas City

Location #1: Near Baybay Beach

Baybay is possibly the best location you have in Roxas City. Most of the foreign nationals we met live in this area. It is quiet, relaxing, and has fine weather for almost the entire year.

Baybay Beach is the 15th largest natural bay in the world. It is very abundant in marine life. And it is where you’ll find seafood restaurants, famous beach resorts, and tranquil residential communities.

Baybay is an ideal spot for retirement. And it will only take around 10 minutes from the beach area to the city proper (with a distance of 7 km). This beach will also be nearest to the future SM Mall Roxas, a 10-hectare complete shopping mall similar to SM Iloilo but with a larger land area.

roxas city capiz philippines
Roxas City at Night

Location #2: City Proper

Living in the city proper gives you access to everything this city offers. And if you are into business, living in this area is a big plus.

Roxas City still has many residential communities (even vacant lots) within the city proper. People enjoy living here because even though you are nearest to the center of the city, you can still enjoy a quiet life with much less noise and pollution.

This city has lesser activity in the city proper compared to other bigger cities. And like any other city, the establishments you’ll see in the city proper are hotels, banks, schools and universities, restaurants, fitness gyms, shopping malls, wet markets, and small business establishments.

robinsons place roxas
Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City

Location #3: Pueblo de Panay

This 500-hectare township has commercial, tourism, religious, and residential community facilities. Pueblo de Panay is the place in Roxas City, where it feels like you are outside the country. With its relaxed ambiance and several things to offer, you can never go wrong living here.

Pueblo de Panay has Roxas City’s Public Transportation Terminal, Roxas City Police Station, school, residential communities, hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, and the Robinsons Place shopping mall. It is the best spot to live (even better than in the city proper) if you are into business.

Cost of Living in Philippines – Roxas City, Capiz

Apartment/House: Between Php 6,000 and Php 20,000 per month
Transportation (per ride): Php 15
Cost per regular meal: Around Php 100, but if you cook your own meal, you can save around 50% of the cost.
Basic Utilities (electricity, water, and garbage): Between Php 2,000 and Php 3,000 per month
Internet: Between Php 1,000 and Php 2,000 per month
Smartphone services: Between Php 300 and Php 1,000 per month
Fitness Club Fee: Between Php 600 and Php 1,500 per month, but you have an option to use the sports complex of Roxas City – the Villareal Stadium – at Php 10 per visit.

Cost of Living in Philippines 2022 - Roxas, Capiz 1

Cost of Living in Roxas City in US Dollars

Apartment/House: Between $120 and $400 per month
Transportation (per ride): 3 cents
Cost per regular meal: Around $2, but you can save around 50% of the cost if you cook your own meal.
Basic Utilities (electricity, water, and garbage): Between $40 and $60 per month
Internet: Between $20 and $40 per month
Smartphone services: Between $6 and $20 per month
Fitness Club Fee: Between $12 and $30 per month, but you have an option to use the sports complex of Roxas City – the Villareal Stadium – at 2 cents per visit.

roxas city seafood capital
roxas city seafood capital
roxas city seafood capital

Living in the Philippines Pros and Cons – Roxas City

Here are some pros and cons of living in Roxas City:


  • If you love seafood, you will be at home here. Seafood in the city is available at a cheap price, and almost every restaurant here serves fresh seafood. But seafood is not the only affordable food here but other favorite dishes too.
  • 53% of economic activity in Roxas City is farming and fishing, so it’s much lower in pollution than in the bigger cities.
  • If you are having a stressful living, you will find a lifelong respite here. The days in Roxas City are longer, and life is easier.
  • This city has at least 6 shopping malls and many restaurants – Filipino, American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Mexican.
  • The people in Roxas City are friendly, polite, and helpful to foreign nationals. And we can speak English too.


  • While most foreign nationals become amazed by our major means of transportation – the tricycle, a motorcycle with a sidecar – you might not find it very comfortable in long-term use. Although there are available jeepneys and buses in the city, we think it’s most convenient to have your own car to drive around the city.
  • Although we have famous shopping malls, we don’t have large amusement parks. But you can always have an alternative for outdoor fun.
  • Housekeeping services are not expensive, but it’s not always available. So you might end up taking care of the housekeeping yourself.

Final Thoughts

The cost of living in Roxas City is much lower than in bigger cities in the Philippines. Although you won’t see any significantly tall buildings no matter where you go, you’ll also feel less pressure compared to being in a big city or a crowded place. And you will find your destination with relative ease because the interconnecting roads are easy to go around with.

But if you find a good reason to stay here for a long time, you can get yourself a parcel of land in any of the best locations mentioned above. The land per sq m in Roxas City is at least Php 7,000 ($140). Then you can build a decent-sized home there for as low as Php 1,400,000 ($28,000). If you do this, you can get rid of the cost of rent for an apartment or house, which takes a huge chunk of your total monthly bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people live in the Philippines?

The total population of the Philippines in 2020 is 109,581,078. It has a recorded 1.35% increase from last year’s population. But Roxas City’s population is only around 167,000 people.

How much does it cost to live in the Philippines?

On average, it is possible to live in any big city in the Philippines at $1,000 per month. But if you choose to live in a medium-sized city, you can save up to 40% of that amount.

Can a US citizen live in the Philippines?

Yes. If you have a natural-born Filipino wife or husband, you can own a house and land of up to 5,000 sq m of an urban residential lot. Otherwise, you may own a vertical residence (or condominium). But even condominiums in the Philippines bring a lot of conveniences and a holistic lifestyle. So you will still be at home here.

What is the cheapest place to live in Philippines?

If you have a limited budget, a smaller city could be the cheapest place to live in Philippines. If you can pick the right spot, it is possible to spend only around $600 per month and still have everything you need.


Jenny is a PRC-licensed professional, having official permission to practice her profession as a real estate broker. She has extensive knowledge of real properties and knows Roxas, Capiz, very well.