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Sophia Home

A modern home for professionals, newlyweds, and bigger families

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Sophia Home 1

A modern home for professionals, newlyweds, and bigger families

Floor Area: 103/109 Sq M
Auxiliary Area: 12.4 Sq M
Minimum Lot Size: 95 Sq M

Complete House Features:
4 Bedrooms, Living Area, Dining Area, Concrete Partition Walls, Kitchen w/ Cabinets (and Hanging Cabinets) and Granite Countertop, 3 Toilet & Bath, Lanai, Balcony, and Service Area

Note: Get Sophia through bank financing or progress billing.

Sophia House is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 95 sq m minimum lot area. This house is suitable for professionals, newlyweds, and bigger families.

Sophia Home 2
Sophia Home 3
Sophia Home 4

Project #1 (Completed)

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Craig Mullan

Project #2 (98% Finished)

Project #3 (20% Finished)



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