Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions regarding property purchase in Roxas City, Capiz:

If ever there is a broker’s commission, who will pay for it? There is a broker’s commission, but the buyer will not shoulder it because the realty corp. will take care of it. All property quotations come from the realty corp. and no amount is changed regardless if you’re a walk-in buyer or being assisted by an agent.

How long can I reserve a property? Reservation fee is good for 30 days.

When can I start building my house? For the house and lot package, house construction will start after full payment of equity (or full down payment). The house will immediately be registered under your name.

How long is the house construction? It will depend on the type of house you want to build but considering all our model units; house construction may take between 3 and 8 months.

When can I move into my new house? You can move in after the release of your loan from PAG-IBIG Fund or bank or if you make a full payment.

Who will pay for the transfer tax? All expenses are already included in the computation of the lot purchase. The developer will process the transfer of the lot title.

Who will pay for the real estate tax? This tax will be paid annually by the buyer after the lot title has been transferred to his/her name or after the finished house has been appraised by the city government.