Olive House

by | Updated on August 15, 2021
olive house
olive ground floor
Ground Floor
olive second floor
Second Floor

Olive house is a modern two-story house you can build anywhere in Roxas City and nearby locations. It is ideal for a 150 sq m minimum lot area. This house is suitable for bigger families.

Type: Detached
Floor Area: 142 Sq M
Auxiliary Area: 52 Sq M
Lot Size: 150 Sq M
Rooms: 4 Bedrooms
Bath: 3 Toilet & Bath

Complete House Features:
4 Bedrooms, Living Area, Dining Area, Concrete Partition Walls, Built-in Cabinets for All Bedrooms, Kitchen w/ Cabinets (and Hanging Cabinets) and Granite Countertop, 3 Toilet & Bath, Lanai, Service Area, Terrace, Family Lounge, & Concrete Pavement for Carport

The Olive House has bold stone works in front and an inviting front yard that can leave you no choice but to put a very nice landscape. This house has four bedrooms – bedroom 1 on the ground floor and three other bedrooms which are well-placed upstairs where you can enjoy complete privacy. It also has a spacious carport that can accommodate one large SUV, crossover, van, or pickup.

This house has all the features on the ground floor. You’ll have three options getting into it (i.e., through the main door where you’ll see the living area right away and through the living area and dining area). The dining area also gives access to the lanai.

Move up to the second floor, and you’ll have full access to its family lounge, which also connects to the terrace where you can tarry and enjoy an excellent view of your outdoor surroundings, and have small gatherings with loved ones and closest of friends. The terrace stretches out to cover the carport from sunlight during the dry season and rain during the wet season.

The master’s bedroom at the back portion of the house can be the coolest part overlooking a nice backyard where you can have a little garden or a gazebo and use it as a small secluded place to screen you from the view of the rest of the world. The remaining rooms on the second floor, bedrooms 2 and 3, are to the side of the firewall.

Both ground floor and second floor have one common toilet & bath, and the master’s bedroom has its own toilet & bath.

Advantages of a Two-story House

Here are the advantages of a two-story house:

  • good division of rooms with well-defined privacy upstairs
  • less contribution to heat and will need fewer materials for cooling effect
  • an energy-saving advantage over a one-story house
  • more open space
  • you can save precious land for your garden and landscape
  • the second floor gives an excellent view of your outdoor surroundings
  • kids love a two-story house because they can go up and down and be more active
  • stairs could add up to the beauty of your home interior

If you’re already a lot owner, we can build this house for you through bank financing, progress billing, or a PAG-IBIG housing loan. For non-lot owners, you can look at suitable locations from our famous subdivisions in Roxas CitySan Antonio Resort Village, Puente Acuna Village, and West Lake Villa.

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