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Our Work Ethics

Anota Real Estate Developer, our builder company, builds all of our projects. We have workers with over 15 years of experience in construction. Plus, our licensed civil engineer checks their work every day to ensure the desired quality finish, and that everything is being followed according to the building plans. We also visit each construction site every day and update our clients with photos of the construction progress or bring them for a site visit to show our handiwork.

A Finished Project of 2020

A Finished Project of 2021

(Mia Home)

Ongoing Projects in 2021

Project 2: Finley House (95% Finished)

See the Finley home design »

Upcoming Projects in 2022

Project 4

A new house beside Panay river.

Project 5

A new house near the beach.

Project 6

A new house near the beach.

Our Projects 1
Our Projects 2
Our Projects 3
Our Projects 4