Yolanda Aftermath: An Assessment of the New Houses

In the morning of November 8 this year, Capiz was hit by a terrible storm that brought the whole province to a difficult recovery period that could take months to complete. Typhoon Yolanda was the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded at landfall and it’s also the deadliest typhoon recorded in the Philippines claiming over 5,000 lives (mostly in Tacloban City, eastern part of the Visayas).

29 years ago (in November 1984) almost the same hour of day, Capiz was also devastated by a strong typhoon named Undang with winds that reached 230 km/h; the people who survived that day are still talking about their terrible experiences until today.

But Undang was 85 km/h short in strength compared to Yolanda which was recorded 315 km/h. You can see the super typhoon approaching but there’s nothing you can do but hope that your life be spared when it’s over.

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Was anyone prepared to face this extremely powerful tropical cyclone? Right after the storm we managed to roam around the city and saw almost all power lines on the ground; fallen trees that have been there for decades; destroyed vehicles; and houses that were scattered to pieces. It took only 3 hours to cause such great devastation.

But there were few well-built houses that withstood against the storm. In fact, there were houses that didn’t suffer significant damage. After passing through destroyed power lines on the road, we managed to take a glimpse and took pictures of the model houses in one of the subdivisions here in Roxas City.

If there’s a time when you can be proud of how you’ve made your house, it has to be after a storm like this. That said, we were impressed by the durability of Samantha and Prince houses in West Lake Villa.

Several weeks have passed and most residents have already restored back their houses (and their lives); there’s electricity in many areas of the province; and classes have already resumed. Local and foreign aid are also pouring in to help the whole province of Capiz achieve full recovery together with hopes that this terrible calamity will not happen again.

Were you here when the typhoon hit the city? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.