Popular Fitness Centers in Roxas City

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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in physical fitness, Roxas City has the facilities to keep you in tip-top shape. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to this city and just learning your way around or just starting to look for a great place to workout because it’s easy to spot the fitness centers here.

While one of the famous early morning exercises of local residents is to jog from their front yard to the beach, you can settle in one place and enjoy your favorite workout routine. It’s true that the famous fitness gyms in the country have higher membership fees, but Roxas City fitness gyms are famously inexpensive. How would you like to spend less than five hundred pesos for a monthly gym membership and still enjoy the same strength and conditioning as other big fitness gyms in the country?

Popular Fitness Centers in Roxas City

popular fitness centers in roxas city(1) Villareal Stadium. This is the city’s sports complex, which has a bit of everything. Villareal Stadium is in Tiza, Roxas City. This improved facility has its own fitness gym, a rubberized track, football field, basketball court, volleyball court, lawn tennis court, and a swimming pool for both children and grown-up. Villareal Stadium holds a lot of national games in its record books.

Major landmarks near Villareal Stadium are Capiz National High School and Capiz State University main campus.

(2) Musculean Gym. This famous gym is closely managed by the owner who is also a gym instructor. Musculean Gym has a fitness program for both beginners and advanced members. You’ll find Musculean gym in Geovil Enterprises Bldg. at Magallanes St., Roxas City.

(3) Perfect Image Spa Gym & Fitness Center. This well-ventilated gym is at Legaspi St., Roxas City. Perfect image gym has an assigned instructor who can give you a start up workout, as well as, a specialized workout routine.

Other fitness gyms to consider are:

  • Roxas Fitness Gym
  • Hemingway Gym
  • Garage Gym
  • Molino Gym

We think that choosing the most suitable fitness center is a matter of personal choice, so why not tell us about your favorite gym in Roxas City?

P.S. When it comes to new fitness centers, Pueblo de Panay’s Wellness Center is perhaps the most awaited fitness center in Roxas City this year or in the near future.