Carina 72 Sqm

* All lot locations for Carina house are already sold out.

Carina is a 72 sqm two-storey house at Camella Capiz.

Carina Model Unit

  • carina 2
  • carina 3
  • carina 7
  • carina 8
  • carina 9

Carina House Floor Plan

carina house floor plan camella capizCarina house computation already includes interior and exterior finishing and painting. The exterior colors will follow the standard Carina colors, while the interior walls are painted white. However, you can always repaint the interior walls according to your motif at your own expense.

Floor tiles on both ground and second floors are not included in the computation (only bathroom tiles are included). The main reason for this is for you to be able to choose your own tile color and design to compliment your interior motif.

Call us now and request for an official site visit so we can show you the available locations and provide you with full computation details and everything you need to know on how to acquire this property.
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